Excellent Staff!
I could actually tell that everybody at Better Hope Treatment Place was concerned about my recovery and wanted me to succeed. Without them I wouldn’t be alive today.
Custom-Made Recovery Program!
Better Hope Treatment Place was amazingly understanding and helpful, even when I used to obstinately claim that rehab couldn't work. My whole existence is much better thanks to them!
Fantastic Rehab Program!
I was as low and pitiful as I could get before I realized that I needed help. Everybody at Better Hope Treatment Place was wonderful, and helped me recognize my problems with addiction and the best way to survive without alcohol or drugs. I would really suggest them to anyone who suspects they could have an issue with drug abuse.
They Were Fantastic!
At first, I was unsure that Better Hope Treatment Place would be able to help, but now I think they saved my life. When I began abusing drugs and alcohol, my life started to spiral out of my control, and I lost my family, my house, and my job because I didn’t think I could stop. When I finally realized that I needed help, my life began to get better. Their custom-designed treatment plans honestly helped, and their staff was wonderful, and thanks to them I was able to change for the better. I can’t express how extraordinarily thankful I am!
Absolutely the Very Best!
Getting clean and sober was the toughest thing I’ve ever done, however, I think I did it because of Better Hope Treatment Place. I was hospitalized a few times, and I even went to prison, however, it seemed that none of the consequences were bad enough to make me quit using alcohol and drugs. I know that when I began treatment, it wasn’t only because I was in trouble with the law; I was also at risk of dying. Their treatment techniques were truly effective in helping me realize why I kept using drugs and alcohol, and the foundation of my problems with addiction. I’m alive now because of them.
Better Hope Treatment Place is rated 5/5 based on 5 reviews.