Alcohol Rehab

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Our Addiction Specialists are helping people, no matter their age or walk of life, break free from alcohol dependency. Too often, people in Escondido, CA stand by and watch as drug and alcohol dependency damages their relationships, family, and professional life. They may give up if they don’t know where to turn for assistance. A cultural stigma of fear and shame keep many quiet, making recovery seem impossible. Our Treatment and Intake Team knows that rehabilitation is made more complex because of these feelings of guilt and shame, but believes that there is hope of recovery for everyone. Start fighting alcohol and drug abuse today! Our team treats alcohol and drug addiction from both physical and mental perspectives, making it possible for everybody in Escondido, CA to resist alcohol and drug abuse and begin changing their life. Talk to a recovery specialist about the right way to end substance abuse; call (442) 286-4173 today!

Risks of Alcoholism and Alcohol Dependency

Alcohol use can lead to many medical problems and performs a complex role in psychological disorders. Liver problems are the best known effects of alcohol addiction, including issues such as steatosis (fatty liver), alcoholic hepatitis (liver inflammation), fibrosis (formation of excessive tissue in the liver), and cirrhosis (hardening). A non-functioning liver regularly leads to a slow and painful death, as the liver is the organ that cleanses pollutants from the body. Other organs are also at risk, including the pancreas, which produces toxins when in the presence of alcohol, resulting in increased chances of pancreatitis. Cancers of the mouth, esophagus, throat, liver, and breasts are also a potential result of alcohol consumption. Furthermore, drinking – even excessive drinking on a single occasion – cripples the immune system and can cause users to be susceptible to diseases such as pneumonia and tuberculosis. Other characteristic health conditions amongst alcoholics and alcohol abusers are heart damage, stretching of the heart muscle, abnormal heartbeat, and stroke.

The brain can be adversely affected due to alcohol use as well. Even just occasionally consuming an excessive amount of alcohol (binging) has unwanted side effects like:

  • decreased inhibitions
  • motor impairment
  • confusion
  • coma
  • breathing problems
  • death

Misuse of alcohol also increases the danger of:

  • vehicle injuries
  • violent and risky behaviors
  • suicide
  • homicide

Since alcohol can have many negative effects on the body, and alcohol use disorders are commonly compounded by other psychological problems, our alcohol addiction treatment offers services aimed at addressing all facets of alcohol use.

Customized Rehabilitation Plans

Since everyone in Escondido, CA is an individual with different needs, people are more successful in their recovery with custom-created rehabilitation plans. Our rehabilitation programs are both reasonably priced and effective. These programs can be completed in one, two, or three months, depending on the individual circumstances of each client. Although some addicts are able to reach their sobriety goals in a one month program, it is generally the case that the longer the treatment program, the higher the likelihood of achieving long term sobriety. At our addiction treatment facility, each and every patient’s unique situation is assessed during the intake process, and the most helpful treatment programs are designed. They provide an optimum mix of affordable outpatient prices, blended with the twenty-four hour monitored care that would be expected in high quality inpatient facilities.

How Our Treatment Services Will Help

Depending on the severity of the alcohol use disorder, a detox procedure could also be needed prior to rehab. Especially for chronic alcoholics in Escondido California, detox without clinical assistance can be unhealthy, and even fatal. Side effects of withdrawing from alcohol often vary from moderate to severe, including:

  • shakiness
  • irritability
  • headache
  • nausea
  • insomnia
  • palpitations
  • enlarged pupils
  • confusion
  • black outs

Our facility provides a safe, controlled environment supervised by a clinical staff to detoxify from alcohol. It is essential to find treatment after detoxification, since detoxification only assists the addict in Escondido, CA in withdrawing from their substance of abuse. To really experience recovery, rehab is the best option. Contact our specialists at (442) 286-4173 to speak with an alcohol recovery specialists about details concerning alcohol use disorders, locations of rehabilitation centers, or for advice about dealing with alcoholism.